Arrowhead Hops is a small scale hop production in the heart of central Iowa serving Homebrewers and Craft Breweries with high quality, locally grown hops. With so many great Homebrewers and Breweries in Iowa why shouldn’t we have locally grown hops to brew our beer with, you should.  The land that Arrowhead Hops is located on has been in my family for years. As the story goes one summer my family was planning a large garden on the property and we were clearing rocks from the freshly turned soil. As we were clearing up stones I remember my dad abruptly stopping one of his tosses and looking more closely at what he had in his hand. That’s right an arrowhead buried in a clump of mud about to get tossed aside. Now I have that very arrowhead and the land it was unearthed on as well. The land not unlike the hop yard needs treated with care and in turn it will provide for years to come.

Andy McCormick

Arrowhead Hops L.L.C.

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